SOFIA MARIA is a jewellery design studio with an intimate focus on craftsmanship and fine metals. Inspired by and with a deep appreciation of organic lines, natural textures and imperfect forms.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina Sofia studied at Palermo University and has a degree in fashion and textile design. Her background in bridal and evening wear translates to her jewellery through a love of all things handmade and one of a kind.

On moving to Australia in 2016 Sofia has studied metal smithing and fine jewellery making, she chooses to work only with locally sourced recycled metals.

One of her greatest influences is the Japanese philosophy wabi sabi. A concept derived from the buddhist teaching which centres around the acceptance and admiration for something that is imperfect, finding beauty in imperfection. Characteristics of wabi sabi include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, modesty, intimacy, integrity and the appreciation of natural objects and processes.

After spending time in Japan, Sofia became acutely aware of how beautiful an imperfect handcrafted piece is as opposed to a perfectly manufactured one. She draws her inspiration from this concept of beauty, along with her Argentinian background and relaxed Australian lifestyle by the sea. In her own words Sofia describes her designs as ‘effortlessly elegant’ heirlooms with a minimalist earthy aesthetic.

‘A lot of detailed work goes into each and every one of my pieces, but the result is simple and naturally sophisticated.'

Currently living in Sydney, Australia Sofia works from her studio in Manly Beach.

In February 2019 she travelled back home and met with like-minded makers to bring a curated collection of handcrafted pieces that aligned with her values and aesthetic.